Swapna Sharma

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Language Program Director - Senior Lector 1 in South Asia Studies
34 Hillhouse Ave, New Haven, CT 06511-8936

Swapna Sharma is a Senior Hindi Lector at Yale University.  Before joining Yale in 2009 she was a Lecturer in Hindi at University of Chicago. Swapna started her career as Hindi lecturer at University of Leipzig in 2007. She had been engaged with dictionary project for several years at Katholieke University, Belgium.

Swapna Sharma received Ph.D. for her pioneer work on early Hindi devotional poet ‘Gadadhar Bhatt’ from Agra University.

Her research concerns Hindi language and literature with focus on Braj Bhasha, its role in temple rituals and performing arts, hagiography and lexicography of the devotional literature of the middle Indo- Aryan languages, twentieth century Hindi poetry and gender.


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