Undergraduate Grants

The South Asian Studies Council encourages undergraduate research and study of South Asian history, society, languages, and culture. We support student-initiated projects and gladly assist students in finding opportunities to spend a summer or semester in South Asia, whether through an internship, academic program, or research project. Please contact south.asia@yale.edu if you have any questions about opportunities associated with South Asia.

  • Research Opportunities

    Our faculty pool works on a diverse range of topics in South Asian history, politics, economics, languages, and cultures and welcome the opportunity to guide students in identifying and implementing research projects to be conducted in South Asia. Support for research projects is available through the Rustgi Fellowship, the South Asian Studies Travel Research Grant, and the Senior Essay Research Grant (see below).
  • Internships

    We can help you locate and plan for internships with voluntary organizations and NGOs working on social issues in South Asia. Undergraduate Career Services also maintains a database for internships in South Asia, and has financial aid options. Please visit http://www.yale.edu/career/students/intern for more details.
  • Language Study

    The South Asian Council maintains updated information of intensive South Asian language summer programs taught in the US as well as in South Asia, in languages such as Hindi/Urdu, Marathi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Bengali, and Tibetan. Limited financial support is available for qualified students through the Summer Language Study Award for Undergraduate Students.

Selected Fellowships

The Council has limited funds to support research projects through various fellowships. Prior fellows have conducted research on issues as diverse as wireless project in Nepal, water quality in India, and sectarian violence in Pakistan. For comprehensive information about available fellowships, please consult the Yale Student Grants & Fellowships Database (http://studentgrants.yale.edu). Please be advised that students awarded a fellowship are expected to submit a one- to two-page report of their research by the end of September. In addition, awardees may be asked to offer a seminar or presentation of their results upon their return to Yale. The deadline for all 2023-2024 South Asian Studies Council administered grants is March 15, 2024. All applications must be submitted ON-LINE through the Yale Student Grants & Fellowships Database at https://yale.communityforce.com/Funds/Search.aspx.

Rustgi Fellowship

The South Asian Studies Council offers Rustgi Fellowships to students with a demonstrated commitment to the field of South Asian studies. The fellowship is made possible through a gift from Anil Rustgi (Yale ’80), Vinod Rustgi (Yale ’75) and his wife, Eileen Boyle Rustgi (Yale ’77) in honor of their parents, Moti Lal and Kamla Rustgi. The general purpose of these grants is to increase understanding of the region among Yale students. Although graduate students may apply, preference will be given to undergraduates.

Past Winners

South Asian Studies Travel Research Grant for Undergraduate Students

The South Asian Studies Travel Research Grant for Undergraduate Students provides summer travel grants for undergraduates studying South Asian history, society, languages, and culture in the United States and internationally. The award is available to undergraduates in all disciplines, but priority will be given to students with demonstrated academic commitment to South Asia. Awards generally range from $2,000 to $2,500 and can be applied to travel, room and board, and other legitimate research expenses.

Past Winners

Senior Essay Research Grant

For undergraduate students who are doing summer research on South Asian Studies for their senior essays. All students are eligible to apply; however, preference will be given to South Asian Studies majors. The grant may be used for travel or other expenses related to the senior essay. The award shall be made on the basis of applications, supported by recommendations from faculty. The final selections will be made by a committee of representatives from the South Asian Studies Council at the MacMillan Center.

Past Winners

Summer Language Study Awards for Undergraduate Students

The South Asian Studies Council is pleased to announce the availability of a limited number of awards for qualified undergraduate students for language studies in the U.S. or internationally. The award may be used for tuition and travel. Language study must bear a clear relationship to the applicant’s overall course of study and must clearly relate to the area of concentration of the award.

Past Winners

Other Resources for Funding of Internships, Language Study, Research, and Travel in South Asia