Students with an interest in South Asian Studies should apply to one of the University’s degree-granting departments, such as Anthropology, History, Political Science, Economics, or Religious Studies. The Council on South Asian Studies is part of the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies. It has been organized to provide guidance to graduate students who desire to use the resources of the departments of the University that offer South Asia-related courses.

The Council on South Asian Studies aims to bring together faculty and students sharing an interest in South Asia, and it supplements the curriculum with seminars, conferences, and special lectures by scholars from Yale as well as visiting scholars. It provides information concerning grants, fellowships, research programs, and foreign study opportunities.

Language instruction is offered in Hindi and Tamil. Students planning to undertake field research or language study in South Asia may apply to the council for summer fellowship support. For information and program materials, contact the Council on South Asian Studies, Yale University, PO Box 208206, New Haven CT 06520-8206; or call 203-436-3517.

Graduate Students Working in the South Asia Region:

Jacob Rinck, PhD, Anthropology
Chandana Anusha, PhD, Anthropology
Amy Johnson, PhD, Anthropology
Souvanik Mullick, PhD, Anthropology
Bhoomika Joshi, PhD, Anthropology
Sophia Abbas, PhD, Anthropology
Shivangi Pareek, PhD, Anthropology

Lav Kanoi, PhD, Anthropology

Meredith McLaughlin, PhD, Anthropology

Tanmoy Sharma, PhD, Anthropology

Sasha Sabherwal, PhD, American Studies

Mohit Manohar, PhD, Art History

Martin Mattsson, PhD, Economic

Deepti Chatti, PhD, FES

Tiraana Bains, PhD, History

Gourav Krishna Nandi, PhD, History

Gautam Nair, PhD, Political Science

Zaib un Nisa Aziz, PhD, History

Shikhar Singh, PhD, Political Science

Dipin Kaur, PhD, Political Science

Maysha Alam, PhD, Political Science
Shahana Sheikh, PhD, Political Science
Fahd Humayun, PhD, Political Science
Drew Stommes, PhD, Political Science and South Asian Studies

Radha Sarkar, PhD, Political Science

Lynna Dhanani, PhD, Religious Studies

Ryan Brizendine, PhD, Religious Studies