If I am not currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program, am I eligible to apply? 
No, only currently enrolled PhD students in the third year of their program or later are eligible to apply. 
Does the Workshop accept papers written by multiple authors? 
No, only single-author papers will be considered. 
Should I submit a bibliography with my application? 
No, only the first three pages of the proposed paper should be submitted, without any bibliography. 
How long do papers submitted by selected participants tend to be? 
Papers eventually submitted by selected applicants tend to be 20-25 pages in total. 
Can I submit a paper recently submitted to a journal? 
We recommend against submitting a paper that has already been submitted to a journal because the intention of the Workshop is for participants to gain feedback on writing which is in a more generative stage and will benefit substantially from engagement with others.
What costs are covered for Workshop participants? 
Round-trip travel from the participant’s home city to the site of the Workshop will be covered according to relative limits set by the Council. Hotel accommodations and meals will be covered for the duration of the Workshop. 
Can participants bring spouses, children, or other dependents? 
Bringing spouses or other dependents is discouraged. The MSAW is an intensive engagement and participants are required to attend all scheduled events. Participants will be housed in shared accommodations, and costs relating to travel, meals, or accommodations for spouses and other dependents will not be covered.
How is the MSAW structured?
Selected applicants will submit their full papers for pre-circulation among the participants and discussants in advance of the Workshop. All participants are required to read the papers before coming to the Workshop. During the Workshop, each participant is allotted 4 minutes to introduce the main ideas of their paper before the floor is opened for other participants and discussants to ask questions and comment on the paper.