Yale World Fellows

Neha Upadhyaya's picture Neha Upadhyaya
2019 World Fellow

Neha Upadhyaya is a social entrepreneur based in New Delhi, India. In 2014, she founded GUNA Organics, which provides ethically-sourced organic food products grown by rural female Indian farmers. GUNA’s vision is to empower these farmers through vertical integration of organic farming and solar technology. Previously her focus was working with children suffering from various health issues including diabetes, autism, and ADHD. Curious about alternatives to western medicine, she trained at Daylesford Organic School, Wholefood Harmony, and Navdanya Bija Vidyapeeth. Neha was a finalist at the Future Leaders Connect (2018) and Social Impact India (2017) awarded by the British Council. She has won several prototype grants and awards, including Entrepreneur Excellence award by I.I.T. Delhi (2017), and was awarded a full scholarship to study sustainability and responsible leadership from the Government of Sweden in 2017. With a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, Neha envisions an inclusive, equitable, and healthy society where men and women support each other in every aspect of life and enjoy their right to realize their full potential. She has a Master’s degree from King’s College London.