Sonam Kachru

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Assistant Professor
320 York Street, #409, New Haven, CT 06511

Sonam Kachru is an Assistant Professor specializing in the history of premodern Buddhist and Indian philosophy and literature. His first book is Other Lives: Mind and World in Indian Buddhism, published with Columbia University Press in 2021, more about which may be found in this précis and in this review.

Ongoing projects include a book-length work imagining the history of Buddhism in South Asia as being, in part, a history of changing norms of attention; and meta-philosophical projects considering the nature of philosophy (as well as literature) in Ancient India and what we may learn from them.

Upcoming courses on the books and in preparation include Dreams, Demons and You (a course in philosophical anthropology inspired by the work of Vasubandhu); Introduction to Buddhist PhilosophyThe Bhagavad GitaLessons from Indian Humanities for the End of the World; and last, but not least, a course foregrounding women (human and non-human; historical and fictional) in the history of Indian Philosophy, Philosopher Queens of Hinduism.