Srinath Raghavan

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Visiting Professor

Srinath Raghavan is Professor of International Relations and History at Ashoka University in India. His research interests span the international history of modern South Asia and contemporary security issues in the region. He is the author of four books: Fierce Enigmas: A History of the United States in South Asia (Basic Books & Allen Lane, 2018); India’s War: The Making of Modern South Asia, 1939-1945 (Basic Books & Allen Lane, 2016); 1971: A Global History of the Creation of Bangladesh (Harvard University Press, 2013); War and Peace in Modern India: A Strategic History of the Nehru Years (Palgrave, 2010). He has also written the official history of India-Pakistan war of 1999 for the Government of India. In addition, he has edited/co-edited four volumes, including the Oxford Handbook of Indian Foreign Policy. He is currently finishing a book on the transformation of India in the global 1970s.