Understanding the Certificate of Advanced Language Study in Hindi

March 24, 2023

Like several of Yale’s academic and language departments, South Asian Studies Council offers a Certificate of Advanced Language Study in Hindi. The certificate requires the completion of four courses beyond the L4 level, of which two must be L5. The student pursuing the certificate must earn a grade of a B or above in each course, with an exception permitted for one advanced, non-L5 course, such as an independent study taken Pass/Fail, in Hindi. No courses taken Credit/D/Fail may be counted toward the requirements of the certificate. It is also possible to count up to two credits earned in study abroad in Hindi toward the certificate with the permission of the DUS for South Asian Studies.

To add the certificate to Degree Audit, students can declare their candidacy for the certificate using Declaration of Candidacy for a Certificate Form.

Swapna Sharma, Language Program Director for South Asian Studies Council, says, “A certificate in the advanced Hindi language will give formal recognition to students who take a number of advanced courses in Hindi. It will also enhance job prospects since multilingualism is an attractive marketable skill. It motivates students who are interested to learn the language in depth beyond the minimum language requirement.” The certificate is routinely completed by one or two students each year.

Eligible Hindi courses for the completion of the certificate include:

●      HNDI 150 Advanced Hindi

●      HNDI 156 Internal Migration and Hindi in Diaspora

●      HNDI 160 Modern Hindi Literature

●      HNDI 198 Advanced Tutorial

●      HNDI 370 Bhakti and Bollywood