SSRC Transregional Collaboratory Research Award

September 3, 2020

Congratulations to Chandana Anusha, ABD in Sociocultural Anthropology at Yale University, and Serena Stein, ABD in Anthropology, Princeton University, who was, until recently, a Visiting Assistant in Research, Program in Agrarian Studies, and who is soon joining as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Wageningen University. They have been selected by the SSRC Transregional Collaboratory on the Indian Ocean for 2020-2021 to receive a 12-month planning grant for collaborative research that deepens understanding of the effects of political, economic, and social processes in contexts of profound climate and environmental change in and across Indian Ocean countries. Their project is titled “Mangroves and Tangled Futures: Agrarian Change, Energy Extraction and Coastal Ecologies in Mozambique and Western India.” They will be convening a multi-disciplinary team across Mozambique, India, and the U.S., with their project co-leader, Dr. Ines Raimundo of University Eduardo Mondlane in Maputo.