Special Event: Parliament, Politics and Possibilities in Pakistan

April 13, 2022

Pakistani lawmakers are to choose a new prime minister, after a week of political drama that saw the ouster of Imran Khan as premier and a constitutional crisis narrowly averted after the country’s top court stepped in. Khan, a former cricket star whose conservative Islamist ideology and dogged independence characterized his short time in office, was ousted after losing a no-confidence vote in Parliament. Abandoned by his party allies and a key coalition partner, his opposition pushed Khan out with 174 votes — two more than the required simple majority in the 342-seat National Assembly. The panel will discuss those dramatic changes and the parliament’s role in Pakistan politics. The panel will be moderated by Sarah Khan, Political Science, Yale University; Fahd Humayun, Political Science, Yale University; Niloufer Siddiqui, Political Science, University of Albany; Yasser Kureshi, Political Science, University of Oxford; and Maryam Khan, University of Wisconsin.