New Fall 2019 SAST Courses!

New Fall 2019 SAST Courses!
September 3, 2019

New Fall 2019 SAST Courses! 

The South Asian Studies Council is pleased to announce an exciting line-up of new course offerings this semester! Delving into topics that stretch from Yoga to Gender Inequality, grounded in methodologies that extend from Art History to Political Economy, and set in locations as diverse as the Buddhist monasteries of Tibet to the chaotic metropolises of Mumbai and Karachi, there is sure to be a course suited for all interests and specializations. We hope that these stimulating new offerings will complement the wide range of previously existing courses to offer a new level of intellectual breadth and depth in the study of South Asia. 

To access more information on these courses, please click here.

New Courses

SAST 058 / RLST 018, Yoga in South Asia and Beyond, Supriya Gandhi

SAST 245 / PLSC 403 Political Economy of Gender Inequality, Sarah Khan

SAST 283 / RLST 356, Introduction to Classical Hindu Thought, Aleksandar Uskokov

SAST 308 / ANTH 318, Peril and Possibility in the South Asian City, Adeem Suhail

SAST 337 / HIST 387J, Global Islam: Muslims in South Asia and Beyond, Neelam Khoja

SAST 345 / PLSC 197 National Security in India in the Twenty-first Century, Sushant Singh

SAST 483 / ECON 483 The Political Economy of Migration, Zachary Barnett-Howell

SAST 755 / PLSC 762 Advanced Readings in South Asian Politics, Steven Wilkinson