Vaishnavism as Fine Literature

The focus of the conference is the intersection between the religion of Vaishnavism on the one hand and the conventions of fine literature and aesthetic theory in Sanskrit and South Asian vernaculars on the other. While there has been a growing scholarly production concerning this intersection, mostly focused on the tradition following the Bengali cultural hero Chaitanya, the purpose of the conference is to map the broader contours of the field in terms of the “Religion and Literature” approach.
Some of the questions that participants in the conference will consider include:

SASC Special lecture: The Perverse Impacts of Electoral Laws on India’s Political Economy, Rajeev Gowda

Political parties and campaigns require significant resources to be effective. India has developed complex election expenditures, political party funding, and reporting and disclosure laws. These laws have perverse impacts on the electoral system: they drive campaign expenditure underground and foster reliance on unaccounted funds or ‘‘black money.’’ This leads to adverse selection, where those able to work with black money dominate politics, and triggers pervasive corruption. Innovative financing methods such as Electoral Bonds also have serious flaws.

Democracy, Violence, and Constitutional Order in South Asia and Beyond

What limits do we come upon in thinking about concepts and practices without thinking beyond the region, diasporically, and analogically? How can studying South Asia inform knowledge and opinion on democratic principles in society and government, political violence, and constitutionalism? This conference brings together theorists, ethnographers, historians, legal scholars, and social scientists to examine Democracy, Violence, and Constitutional Order in South Asia and beyond.

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