South Asian Studies Council Hosts “Scholars in the Public Sphere”

November 14, 2022

The South Asian Studies Council was pleased to host a panel on “Scholars in the Public Sphere” on Thursday, October 13th. The panel featured Professor Sarah Khan; Kiran Kumbhar, Malathy Singh Visiting Fellow; Madiha Tahir, incoming Professor of American Studies; Professor Rohit De; and Ramachandra Guha, Distinguished University Professor at Krea University, in his final talk during a two-week visit to Yale. The conversation, which was moderated by Professor De, engaged with the role of academics in the public debate and explored how perception of scholarly work changes in different contexts. Each of the panelists discussed their academic backgrounds, the role of audiences in shaping scholars’ writing, and how identity factors into research and how research is understood. A recording of the panel is available below.

Daevan Mangalmurti, SASC Student Fellow